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It's not just us 'Bunnyhuggers'
Our erstwhile nemesis Cllr Melton making the headlines again:
[INDENT]Shiny assed county mounty, office lurker, coffee junkie and facebook scanner[/INDENT]
and here:
[INDENT]Shiny assed county mounty, office lurker, coffee junkie and facebook scanner[/INDENT]

"That seems unlikely since Council Leader Alan Melton promised guests at last Friday’s Fenland business awards that he would act to restore the authority’s good name. It is inevitable some councillors will be removed from office- precisely who he is not yet saying. Tonight he was silent on the matter but that is not expected to remain the situation for long."

Quote: restore the authority’s good name.

aarg my laughing corset has split...

Quote:There was, they admitted, a “serious and substantial risk” that the council could not sustain decisions already taken should a judicial review get under way.
Allegations made against councillors of improper conduct will now be investigated by the council’s new conduct committee, says Mr Nourse and Mr Hunt.
Independent councillor Mark Archer immediately called for “political resignations at the highest level and an independent investigation into this mess”.

One can only hope Cllr Bunny Melton spends more time with his family..

Planning in Britain is in disarray?

My thanks for this Vulpes!
He made a big fuss last year claiming local taxpayers were being fleeced by greedy 'bunnyhugging' archaeologists and vowed to ignore planning regulation to thwart their ambitions. This year it seems local taxpayers are going to end up being fleeced by the combined might of Sainsbury's and Tesco's legal teams, this time cos Melton ignores planning regulation. Ouch!! There's a lesson to be learned from this........I look forward to the extra thick edition of 'Rotten Boroughs' in this weeks Private Eye...
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
One can only hope that other local authorities get investigated. There is no archaeology service in Liverpool and the HER is inaccessible. (not sure if they have lost their World Heritage Status yet).
Quote:this time cos Melton ignores planning regulation

To be fair on Cllr Melton, it's his fellow elected members on the development control committee who appear to have made rather odd planning decisions. For his part he's made the unusual and rather heavy-handed move of sacking the entire committee... But I would agree that there appears to be something rotten in Fenland.... and yes Private Eye will lap it up, they love a good 'gate' scandal Rolleyes
Forgive me Alan, but thou hast a face made for it . . .

Alan Melton, by day a mild mannered Councillor by night . . .
Now there's one bunny I will not be hugging, nice one Mr Reality}Smile

or... perhaps not Wink :face-approve:

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