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Question about IfA Technical Paper
Quote:If anyone of you would either have or would be able to obtain somewhere this paper, I would be more than grateful Smile

Gurney, D. A. 1985. Phosphate analysis of soils: a guide for the field archaeologist. The Institute of Field Archeologist, Technical paper 3, Birmingham.

If you can help... let me know and I will pass on teh info
Have you tried the IFA?! They usually retain copies of their old technical papers, even the out of date ones. Failing that why not see if the author has a copy.

Norfolk County Council: David Gurney, Historic Environment Manager (County Archaeologist), Historic Environment Service, Norfolk County Council, Union House, Gressenhall, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 4DR.
Tel: 01362 869280
[INDENT]Shiny assed county mounty, office lurker, coffee junkie and facebook scanner[/INDENT]
THank you/... that has been passed on...

I hoped someone might have one

ps.. like the new tagline Smile
I put the aforememtioned into google scholar and got 7 hits and then only as references. On the grounds that it has not set the world on fire or been seen to be an "article" by google maybe bajr should post it in the Library of everything, or is it a load of rubbish as the lack of reference suggest as in sampling for phosphates should only be done if you are looking to go into the fertilizer industry cause archaeologically its pretty pointless?
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