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Arch comedy/does exactly what it says on the tin
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Gog

One more thought - referring to the first post, is it actually possible to parody Time Team?Wink

True Big Grin - if Mr Hosty will permit, I will locate a clip for him to put on BAJR TV.

I maiali sono alimentati e aspettano per volare
Not moving images, I know, but we can't leave out the time that Time Team was hosted by Roger Melly in Viz - I saw this pinned on a county mountie's noticeboard once!
You mean Carry on Camping when all the archaeological students turn up drunk to the site ( a Roman Mosaic)in a minibus.

"Freedom of ideas is one thing, freedom of the purse is quite another". Edward Harris
find clip NOW !!!!!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
The archaeological one was Carry on Behind - I seem to remember Kenneth Williams lecturing in front of a film that was actually of a stripper (don't know why I remember that...Big Grin) - I expect Mr Hosty won't be getting that clip!
Quote:quote:Originally posted by BAJR Host

find clip NOW !!!!!

Only if you call off your operatives (then I can come out from under the tableWink).

I can also recommend my first (sadly uncredited) TV appearance when I was working on a site near Romsey. My index finger got some serious airtime while Nick Knowles pranced all over the place.

I maiali sono alimentati e aspettano per volare

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