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Wages, Job Conditions, Inflation, etc. etc. etc. etc.
Hey All

So I am in the process of throwing up a new website with all the jobs in british archaeology publications, some of the data, some tools etc. about job conditions, wages, inflation etc. around british archaeology.

The website is

As part of it I am writing a paper about inflation and wages, posts one and two are up but they are really not that important, they will show up in The Archaeologists at some point. For it though I made a wage calculator for comparing wages both averages and your own against the office and a custom inflation rate. You can see how your wages are doing against inflation as it affects your actually budget *cough* fags *cough* beer *cough*. It is currently a excel spreadsheet, apologies if you can't access it (e.g. have office 2003) but I am adding interactive bits to the website over the next few weeks that should cover it (only excavators and no custom figures are up). It would be great to get feedback on the BETA version of the calculator if anyone wants to try it out.

you can download it here- http://jobsinbritisharchaeology.weebly.c...lator.html

Thanks in advance for your feedback and of course the joking posts that will take up 95% of this thread.
looks good at first sight, more info the better, and good to be able to see how wages change/don't. I'll try and have a proper look through it when I get a spare hour...

By the way, at the Diggers' Forum we were looking into a macro/app to work out travel costs/actual pay after subs and travel pay. Basically that you punch in your basic wage, then the details of away subs, driving pay/mileage and travel costs etc and it would give you an idea of what the 'actual' pay rate was. A tool that could help Diggers decide if unit X was actually better for them than unit Y. Its kind of dropped down the list of stuff to do but if we get it sorted it would fit well on your site (or here!).
Thanks Chiz. If you all need help with the macro/app to work out travel costs/actual pay I would be more than happy to spend some time on it.
Cheers Doug, I did get an offer to help, but haven't heard back -that's the curse of away work! Up to eyeballs with other DF stuff and next newsletter, but would be good to get a macro/app out over the winter. The report showed the huge difference in income dependant on away subs/travel time so it could be a really useful tool.
PS. want to write a short note on this for next DF newsletter? And stick a link to it on the DF Facebook page?
Look very very good to me... but then... Doug is a whiz at this sort of thing.

Look forward to the WHICH of archaeology Smile
chiz Wrote:PS. want to write a short note on this for next DF newsletter? And stick a link to it on the DF Facebook page?

Of course, what is the deadline?
should be pulling it together over next couple of weeks, want to get it out before the IfA minima decision....

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