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Good housekeeping for archaeologists no.3: Simulated excavation
Apologies if this has been posted before. But this is just too funny to not run the risk of posting it twice!!!
Ah yes, the Stinksville tenement! Not unlike a place I stayed in in Longford many moons of yore ago (digging a ringfort.)

If you've never been to Ireland before and are planning on going - avoid Longford Town. The bogs are OK but the Town . . .
Another welcome dose of satire/truth.Big Grin

By the way I realise that the non-time traveling members of this forum may not know that in the latter half of the 21st century Cartoon Reality was given the nobel peace prize after one particularly pungent post healed the hole in the ozone layer.

Soon after, another blog stopped global warming and early in the 22nd century scientists found that Cartoon Reality's writings contained subliminal messages that spread calm and intelligent thought to all who read them. After a NERC-funded programme of dispersal, world peace was achieved and the first world constitution was signed.

My history is a bit shaky after that but I think that by the mid-25th century Cartoon Reality was revered as a deity by the cartoonist movement..........who eventually, from an underground cult, expanded to become the dominant religion of several planets.

Though sadly, Cartoon Reality's original message was lost in translation.
You forgot to mention my imminent martyrdom via poorly-chosen-career-induced poverty.

And the subliminal messages are clear enough when you read the stuff backwards and look at the pictures upside down.
CARTOON REALITY Wrote:...the subliminal messages are clear enough when you read the stuff backwards and look at the pictures upside down.

:0How's everyone else been reading them?! :0

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