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Archaeology Equipment
Made me laugh out loud this morning - the Dino cartoon was inspired! and you will get in soooo much brett for Kevins!

Just to show peeps my one ( oooer)

pdurdin Wrote:This is a great spade:

Used one on a dig in early September and it is an absolute joy to use.

40 degree angle? Sounds like it wants to be a shovel really. Funky steel though, that's the stuff they use for gun-barrel liners! Cool
Dinosaur Wrote:40 degree angle? Sounds like it wants to be a shovel really.
Don't knock it till you've tried it! But yes, it's good for shoveling too.
Actually we've got a couple a remarkably similar shape in the tool store (suspect rather cheaper steel though) - couldn't get the hang when turf-cutting where a straighter spade=straighter turves and better penetration (!), but agree pretty good for other things - more skin left on knuckles after chopping sections anyway :face-approve:
There's a cheaper version of the same design I think (wonder if the balance is as nice?). But no, it's not great for turf-cutting.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]1180[/ATTACH]Okay, so apart from price what is the difference between Past Horizons "Survey Pegs" and bog-standard internet bulk buy tent pegs, which are available on the net a lot cheaper than shown here if you buy in bluk?
It is like many things
a) getting things all in one place. rather than spending your time ( which should be money) going to several different sites and shops to buy equipment.
b) if you do go to several shops and get it sent, then the costs go up and up with mailing for each individual shop. rather than one P&P cost ( do the maths on this - I did and the price was (including P & P ) Total: ?7.89 for 10 which was a lot more than Past Horizons. So in reality, Past Horizons is a better deal than the one you cite.
c) If you ant to buy in bulk then you will get a great deal, but most people want them in smaller qualities. so Past Horizons buys in bulk and then splits it up to sell. ( ever bought 2000 trowels? or 5000 sheets of Draughting Film )
d) Calling them survey pegs is what we use em for... or excavation trench pegs. calling them tent pegs would not describe what they are used for in archaeology.
e) You know what you will get if you buy from Past Horizons. as often we find the advertised product is not quite what was hoped for. flimsy plastic or a bit shorter etc. (Past Horizons)We have a box full of stuff that nearly made the grade but we can't sell. Taking the hit on products that don't match up to the grade is part of the risk that the customer does not have to take. and if for any reason there is a problem.... you know that you can get it sorted. after all. BAJR has a reputation to uphold.
Do you supply these little wonders Mr. BAJR? I think any archaeologist would be the envy of their workmates when kitted out with a pair.

Beyond superb Mr Cartoon, simply superb.

I may talk with Mrs Horizons and see if she... what... over your dead body........................ even ... ow! Right...

She says no., :face-approve:
Worryingly, I can think of several occasions in the past when they would have been dead handy Cool

Any chance of Mr BAJR expandinging into manufacturing plastic goods? (assuming you can afford to licence the patent?)

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