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Richard III craze sweeps the world
"typical - been here for over 500 years and now they paint double yellow lines"
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
So who does own the bones of a King bearing in mid the reputation medieval Kings had for being able to cure various ills thier bones might have some mdeical value along with religious relic satus? Wonder how much some Americans might be willing to pay for a bit of Richard III}Smile
Thanks for that Unit... I was indeed the one who brought the heart of Bruce back to Edinburgh. Front seat of car with seat belt on. Smile We found his heart ( cough) under a sign that said

the hear of Robert the Bruce is buried at this spot.
How did they get it back after Douglas had hurled it into the midst of a Moorish army? - never did get that part of the story....
Ah.. in the end the Spanish win, but all the Scottish knights died ( bar one, who had broken his arm the day before) - he collects the bits - including the head of the Douglas and takes it back... the idea was it was supposed to complete the journey to Jerusalem... sorely tempted to make off with it and complete his wish.. but hey!... on 300 quid a week... I was not going anywhere!

As it happens. the year we recovered him (and excavated the entire Chapter House I hasten to add!) Scotland's football team went out to Morocco in Spain... spoooky! ( 12 knights! 12 players! ay... I ain't saying )
Cheers - drawback to Ladybird books was that they tended to skip the complicated bits! Big Grin
'I paid that stupid bugger to paint my armorial crest, two yellow lions I said - and this is the best he could come up with.'
'The archers have been a bit off recently so we thought we'd get the two lots to line up a bit closer...'

or, on similar lines (get it?)

'Is that far enough for a cavalry charge?'

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