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Richard III craze sweeps the world
kevin wooldridge Wrote:At least with Harold we dont have a problem with disturbing the parking. The Diocese of Chichester have in recent years declined a faculty to allow excavation of a grave at Bosham Church, Sussex thought to be a possible burial place and there is also the grave at Waltham Abbey.

Ah, so at least two bits then, that accords with the contemporary accounts :face-approve:Big Grin
Queen's Jubilee celebrations started out as a fairly low-key affair.

RedEarth Wrote:I wonder what research questions this University excavation is answering? Perhaps: Can archaeology really come to dominate media coverage? Which member of the royal family do you have to find in order to trend on Twitter? How can archaeology make itself really interesting? Does the cult of celebrity have a time limit?

I wonder where all the talk of science and archaeology on this forum fits in? Is this just treasure hunting, where the treasure is someone famous?

Darn, left all the Bishops on one job where they were and worked round them, amazing how far most of them were from the floor-markers Sad
"Thats never going to be wide enough for the jousting"
PPE has come on a bit since the Middle Ages

Dam it I should have read the other captions first try again "The new dinner ladies were taking playground supervision seriously"
'This is the most bizarre Star Trek convention I've ever attended.'
"New rules, the council has requested we fight the whole of the Wars of the Roses between those lines so it's easier for them to clear up on Monday morning"
Does anybody know if there was a written scheme of works for this project anywhere. I would love to see how you go about writing it. how does it go: we think some king was buried around here, we think that it is under threat from development which we think should go ahead, level of significants ..not very. And to make it look like the well documented church was well and truly lost we used map regression (presumably no evaluation required) No, not map regression, what's that then.
Reason: your past is my past
Units caption contest entry was quite good Wink

Here are some faves from Facebook pages

Quote:Archaeologists think they may have found the location of the burial of Richard III in a car park in Leicester.
Ugly, detested by many and now badly decayed, Leicester is located just east of the M1 at junction 21.

Quote:Richard III's body found - police release picture of two suspects found loitering at the crime scene that they wish to question...

Quote:"No, I said "I could do with some *night* work!!""

Quote:"Caution! History train approaching. Please stand behind the yellow line"
Reason: your past is my past

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