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Low-Level Aerial Photography - on the cheap
There is a steadily growing interest in the use of kites and UAVs for photographing archaeological sites from above.
If you have recently taken up kite work and are not listed on our page:
do get in touch.
One of the West Lothian Archaeological Trust's objectives is to promote:
'the use of kite aerial photography as a low-cost, inclusive, environmentally friendly technique for archaeological/heritage photography'

If you are interested in taking up kite work have a look at our techniques page:
You do not need a special camera or wireless control.
[Image: archeoscaninvert500a.jpg]

We are especially keen to hear from others working outside the visible spectrum (near and thermal infra-red and UV) using any technique (kite, UAV or pole etc):

Here is a near infra-red example by Jim Knowles:
[Image: ruffordir04.jpg]

Here is one of our early thermal images:
[Image: flircairnpapple01.jpg]
However, thermal work is relatively present!

This is one in the near ultra-violet:
[Image: etnauv01.jpg]

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