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oh.... RCAHMS and Historic Scotland. merger
Securing Scotland’s heritage

An options appraisal on how best to secure the functions of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) is published today.

Following the options appraisal, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop is seeking a detailed business case for a merger between RCAHMS and Historic Scotland.
Ms Hyslop said:

“The functions of RCAHMS - to survey and analyse the built environment, as well as conserve their established collections - are vital in securing Scotland’s built heritage for future generations.

“From the evidence presented in the options appraisal I believe that a merger between RCAHMS and Historic Scotland could offer the best route to securing RCAHMS’ important contribution to Scotland’s culture.

“I have asked that a detailed business case is developed to explore the potential synergies between RCAHMS and Historic Scotland, and protects the staff and expertise of the two organisations.”

Diana Murray, Secretary of RCAHMS said:
“We welcome the publication of the report on the options appraisal and will make every effort to work with the Scottish Government and Historic Scotland on the development of a viable future for the role and functions of the RCAHMS within a new organisation.”

The options appraisal is available at
The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) was first established by Royal Warrant in 1908 to ‘make an inventory of the ancient and historical monuments and constructions connected with or illustrative of the contemporary culture, civilisation and conditions of life of the people of Scotland from the earliest times to the year 1707… and to specify those which seem most worthy of preservation.’ Its remit has evolved substantially over the last 100 years.
Currently the organisation:
  • Identifies, surveys and analyses the historic and built environment of Scotland.
  • Preserves, cares for and adds to the information and items in its collections.
  • Promotes understanding, education and enjoyment through interpretation of the information it collects and the items it looks after.
RCAHMS has a duty defined in statute to record listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas for which permission to demolish or part-demolish has been granted under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997. RCAHMS also provides information to the Ordnance Survey for updating ‘antiquities’ depicted on its map series.

That could be an interesting case.

Can't say I am 100% up for this.
Yes particularly this bit

Quote:RCAHMS also provides information to the Ordnance Survey for updating ‘antiquities’ depicted on its map series.

cause this takes us to the time before advisors and how did the ordance survey off load thier stautory requirement to record antiquaries which as far as I understand it has never been repeeled if that is the correct term cause it never existed. It is also as far as I am concerned a VAT question as well hahahahahahahahah ah
Reason: your past is my past
Am afraid they are not alone Wales is undergoing similar processes
why do they need to record shedualled monuments? There was never any point to them. Why have they got all that royal bolluckes to them. Is it cause its reminamts of royal lands acher something like old bollingbroke and nobody knows who really owns it...something to do with the end of the second world war ..odd hay

heritage bill is this what you do to have to say what the f do rcahmw actually do. They are not shedualled necessity, just bag them off. Believe me you will not notice them gone.

read this carp

Quote:Stakeholders, Friends, Commissioners and staff have expressed grave concern
about this.

really there should not be any and as for whats a "friend", in fact whats a commisioner, who writes this rubbish
Reason: your past is my past
#5 there is one thing RCAHMS did.
This is what the RCAHMW do.

Quote:Our ServicesThe Royal Commission offers a range of services to individuals, groups and organisations interested in the archaeology and built heritage of Wales. Coflein is a free online database of archaeological sites and historic buildings in Wales. The National Monuments Record of Wales holds and acquires a wide variety of material through research, official deposit and private donation, including historic maps, postcards, photographs and architectural drawings. Enquiries about landscape and maritime archaeology, historic buildings and landmarks are answered by a dedicated reader services team. The Survey Branch is responsible for researching and recording archaeological and historic sites, buildings and landscapes and provides a professional consultation service to local authorities and other heritage organisations. We supply resource material for all stages of education, from primary school to life-long learning, give advice on the use of our archive material for the National Curriculum and organise in-service training sessions. The Royal Commission is pleased to support community heritage initiatives and offers support and advice, exhibitions and lectures to societies and community groups

And yes they have their flaws and am not a huge fan of the Royals myself but I think that Units drivel massively underplays the important work the Commission does and this seems like another way we loose yet another heritage resource to "streamlining". Call me a cynic but to me less people, less money and less resources does not equal no loss of service Sad!
Yes the loss of any position is to be regretted but the RCAHMS spent a very long time, doing things very well for enormous sums of money, they squandered what they had and now they'll vanish!

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