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Closure at Birmingham
Aye, it's a conspiracy, that's what!

Seriously though, well done BAJR for a perfect exposition of Godwin's Law!'s_law

Careful, this is one argument we may want to win! Wink
Ah... tis in the eye of the beholder. Vulpes and others may not be aware of the hundreds of mashups of this scene... everything from Hitler loses his Xbox account to Hitler not liking Pokemon. The mashup is as famous as the Keep Calm and Carry on slogan (and infinate mashups) It is used, not to compare anyone to Hitler,. but rather as a vehicle of putting over a point either serious or comedic. I would never countenance comparing a person to Hitler... rather the video creates a platform for discussion via humour.

Smile I do want to win this though.
God forbid that we might laugh.

Terms like 'Reductio ad Hitlerum' and 'Ad Nazium' (however serious their meaning,) were forged behind a grin.
BAJR and CR I realise that and am aware of the mashup. Still, rules is rules :face-approve:
Glad you is down with the kids and have no suspicious eyebrow raise that every other hitler mashup is stiill up on you tube after years. and some with millions of hits. but this one was almost instantly taken out - a couple of days after upload.

Rules is rules. and after a hearty round of applause. Back to the serious aspect. This is not about comparing anyone to hitler. but about the closure - restructure and loss of real peoples jobs.
This is done and dusted apparently.....petitioning will not make an iota of difference....sad but true...........
Hmm, I'd have to disagree there on one level. While the university will no doubt ignore the petition in the end when it is finally submitted, the importance of the publicity in trying to save staff positions is incredibly high. Word has filtered through from Birmingham that those in charge are feeling pressure from externals, and the fact that Professor Whitby has felt the need to contact individuals who have signed the petition speaks volumes of its importance.
Absolutely - this is not going to be an easy ride. this is going to publicly highlight anything that should be shown up for what it is. from emailing academics to ask them to remove their names. to removing university newspapers that disagree with them. Protecting thier own jobs and even rewarding themselves for (in their own words) mismanagement of the IAA. They hide information and obfuscate truths - such as the new Centre for Archaeology ( er.. website with the last remaining four archaeologists - all in separate departments)

No - No - NO!
This thread has faded into obscurity it seems........?????
I received a mail from the organisers of the petition a few weeks back....obviously the majority of the campus is on summer break. The organisers have asked us students who have summer work resulting from our association with Birmingham IAA, to make short reports that they will collate and present to the University to show how widespread and significant the influence and scope of the department is, beyond the boundaries of Edgbaston. So the campaign is still running and trying to keep a momentum going over the summer recess....difficult otherwise to see what more they can do during this quiet period.
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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