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Books about sex, hitler and television
Those of us unable to afford the luxury of a tent were living in a collection of concrete pig sties on a farm not so far from Cairnforth.... night as we staggered from the pub back to farm we were stopped by the local plod wagon and asked the who are you, where are you, why are you routine.....obviously intended to cower us into rural submission. When we told the constables we were for the time being living in pig sties behind the farm, they insisted on us giving our 'real' home addresses. One of our group (perhaps the one with the degree!!) decided he wasn't going to stand for this kind of intimidation and said 'Actually I don't have a home address. I'm peripatetic'.........To which the policeman replied,

'Yeah right. If you're peripatetic, where's your wheelchair then?'
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Quote:anyone out there who was at that party behind the concrete cows in Milton Keynes

Are they the cows they use to make Walls Ice Cream?
Walls ice cream was manufactured in Gloucester as I recall..the stench eminating from the factory when making 'Zooms' was grim to behold, all that diesel and mono-fluro-carbon stuff....
I once worked on the Cork Street bypass in Dublin, beside a factory that made salsa dip, the air stank of socks and the gutters outside the building regularly flowed with tomato juice with chunks of green (pepper?) - I presume they used to hose out the factory floor and the stuff that didn't make it into the jars migrated to the gutters. Those were the good old days when Irish archaeologists were rolling in loot, nowadays I'm sure if impoverished diggers came across such a sight they would be nose deep in gutter-feast.
Gutter FEast... that term is now stolen... where to use it! where to use it!
Next time you have friends round for dinner?
That should get them back out the door again. Sorted!

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