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Victorian chamber pot found in Morrisons site dig BREAKING NEWS!
Quote:And can the trophies be designed by Mr Cartoon Reality ?

This is just a concept design, you'll need a potter to make it.
That's actually pretty reasonable reporting. My local paper would probably spin it as something along the lines of 'potty halts development/stops creation of new jobs/leads to end of world'. I kid you not.
To Wax... mine is tanning bark heated and may be on teh combined design created by James Justice in teh mid 18th century.
to Sith... beleive it or not, I was contracted to draw the entire Pineapple walled garde ( except the blinkin pineapple ... sulk! )
and to Cartoon... Yes... lets do it!
finally.. Red Earth... I suspect you be right!
CARTOON REALITY Wrote:This is just a concept design, you'll need a potter to make it.

Who needs a potter when they have a spare packet of plasticine[attachment=o1115]
Jaysus! That looks great! If it was marzipan i'd ate it!

That's 'ate' as in 'eat' not 'ate' as in 'hate.'

I think we should hold craft competitions where Mr. Bajr suggests an archaeological monument (the Parthenon for example) and we all get busy with our chosen materials to produce a diorama style interpretation of said feature. I can see Dino doing something impressive with knitting, Jack possibly with Lego (or maybe leftover bits of airfix kits), Unit would have something fashioned from thorns, splinters and money . . .
In view of the current weather my chosen material would be mud. You'd be amazed at the range of colours possible especially on an industrial site (glow in the dark geen)
Wax you are a star... to take the concept of a fab cartoon and make it fleshsiticne ... smart!

two creatives in one place !
Many years ago I was told NEVER to use the term flowerpot in either an archaeological report or in conversation with journalists or other media types....'They will only use it aganst you' I was told.....The correct description of such stuff was 'horticultural earthenware'.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Actually you will find the correct term is Billenbenware

... sits back and waits !
Quote:The correct description of such stuff was 'horticultural earthenware'.....

And if you don't find it it's called 'horticultural where-on-earth?'

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