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Chas Jones rejects claims of Persimmon over site of Battle of Fulford at Germany Beck
There was a pipeline somewhere through there a few years back which apparently (I've not read the report, just talked to the guys who monitored it) found nothing and concluded that the area (where the pipeline was) was buried in a thick layer of fairly modern alluvium - however I don't know how the pipeline route relates to the new application but maybe that's where Mr Jones has got his 'flooding event' ideas from? Casts doubts on the age of the metalwork though. :face-thinks:

I'd imagine the city archaeologist is all over this? -he usually is :face-approve:
It's OK everyone, they paid for some children to learn about archaeology, so all's well:
LOL! One hand does give... the other hand er... builds houses Smile well spotted RedEarth. MAkes us realise that there is no black and white in Developer led archaeology.
Call me a cynic, but a bit of 'community work' goes a long way.

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