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Is detectorist a real word?
Question... please help me. I and fellow students doing this DBA are having an argument over whether detectorists (as in metal detectorists) is a real word.

I think it is but they don't.

But then again we are all going slowly loopy so who knows....Big Grin
\'Peace is having a bigger stick than the other guy\'
I just wrote up a community archaeological report and had same conundrum and finally decided yes - even if it does not in the great tradition of archaeology it does now.
I think I'm going to decide yes too then... thanks!

Besides I can't think of any other way of putting it.

Aargh the confusion!
YES from me too ... detectorist is coming into common usage.. and also more detectorists are being commonly used on sites...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Excellent! I have passed on the message

Ta muchly Smile

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WE are finally recognised (even if some don't like the saying unsung heroes),,2011880,00.html

Quite a good article....even though I think Mike and Roger are still putting the spin on the PAS. Its like saying you can only go to a NHS hospital and cant use BUPA. The UKDFD is doing a grand job and is growing every day. Its good to have two points of reference... especially with some of the validations Ive seen on the governmental scheme Wink
Recording OUR heritage for future generations.
The English language is not static and new words nad expressions are coined al lthe time (have a look in 1930's dicitonalies for 'new' words such as aerodrome - now largely transformed to airport a later new word)

Detectorist as a description of what someone with a metal detector is (all the other obvious ones apart!) is as valid as archaeologist for someone who is involved with archaeology
Bloody hell - rapid typing and hitting the send button results in the creation of many new words, most of which may never come in to common usage!
This article in the Guardian did make me sit up and notice. Like Co. I have no problems with what both Roger and Mike say in principle, where it could have been clearer that those detectorists, who neither record with PAS or UKDFD nor see any need to record in some formalised way are those that need to be asked to reconsider this attitude. Much has already been said about all this, and we don’t need to go over it again – as without the activities of detectorists, many sites and finds would go unknown into the void of either development or farming activity. This is where the praise is due and deserved. Without this knowledge then we would be poorer in our understanding of the past. With this specialist activity we are able to do that which a field survey would not ‘detect’ (sorry for the pun) – the plough soil artefacts that cannot be recovered visually. Distribution/location is key to this.

I have to bring out a real ‘heroes’ story, where the Scottish Detector Club aided us in East Lothian to detect the site of Pinkie Battlefield site. Gridded out and located – each find was recorded, even the grotty bits of iron that both I and the group thought were pretty duff.. however, news back from Tony Pollard is that this is the finest assemblage of military material from the 16th – 19th centuries he has ever seen from a single location, with elements of the Battle of Pinkie.. perhaps even Prestonpans and also Militia material from the Napoleonic and later periods of the local Yeomanry. I realised myself that what I thought were bits of tractor, were in fact vital clues about a little understood battle (if not 2 battles) - This would have been lost without the help of the SDC.. but also would have been lost if they had not been recorded and examined. The more we work together and this seems to becoming more and more common.. the more the prejudices and perceptions from both archaeologists and detectorists will disappear. It was sad to see a detectorist say that he did not feel educated enough to be an archaeologist – as I would say that all it takes is an interest in the past, and a desire to find and share both the thrill and the story behind the find…I for one have no degree, just a dogged determination and a love for the past and what it can tell us. Often class is cited as a differentiation between archaeologist (middle class) and detectorist (working class). I would say .. perhaps many archaeologists have been to Uni. But they are just as human as anyone else – and as to education.. I have learned as much about finds from detectorists as I have from books and specialists. It was interesting to see on another thread here about courses, that people have found no bias or anti feelings from fellow course students.. things are changing.. the old them and us is blurring and there are those on both ‘sides’ that would prefer it not to be so.. to them I say… tough… we are all in it together and I personally enjoy both archaeology in the sense of digging blinking great holes in the ground as well as working with detectorists and digging blinking small holes. As long as the aim is to add to our shared heritage then my attitude is one of dialogue, support (both ways) and acceptance. Vive la difference and Vive la fraternity.

David Lammey may use any words he wants… after all he is after votes Wink I can only say from my point of view that I would prefer to work with rather than against detecting as a hobby..

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

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