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Degrees, careers and finances
Hello everyone, just something I wanted to put out as possible a question, maybe a point of discussion?
I'm just about to finish my placement year and my final year complete with dissertation is looming scarily ahead. What's even more scary and worrying is what happens after I finish my degree this time next year???

Maybe it is just me trying to think overall but really I think many students have this concern as their degree end looms. I've got the impression from my current placement I may need more experience and a masters before I look employable, but then this raises the questions:

How much experience is enough? Bare this is mind, and consider I have a CV currently bursting at two pages of A4 long and that's before I've added a years worth of placement with three companies and also adding photographs and placement documents I've written.

How does one even fund such experience when everyone is telling you to pay for digs and not prepared to pay you yet because 'your not experienced'?

What if a student wants to come out of a degree and go ok, I'd like to work in the finds department, just as an assistant just to get me some more experience?

Its a very worrying thought, a masters can be very expensive and you can almost feel what's the point in spending the money when there is still no guarantee of a job at the end??

I don't want to sound like I'm moaning because believe me I'm not, honestly, I'm just trying to raise a few issues that are going round my head and that I feel many students might have.

This past year on placement has been fantastic and massive praise to my university for doing it and I hope they keep doing it. The experience I've gained, the contacts I've obtained not to mention the boost to my confidence and personal development even at 26 has been fantastic.

To any students reading this, I urge you during your degree get as much summer experience as you can. Bug your uni about a placement year, if they don't already do it ask them why? Cause trust me a year away from studying before your dissertation and final year is a great break and great chance for your CV to explode!

Thank you for reading this and I hope it reads as a student asking genuine questions and not just having a moan, Wink

Also apols for any grammar or spelling issues in this post, I have spell checked it but being dyslexic word doesn't always sing on the same hymn sheet as me lol

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Degrees, careers and finances - by Bonesgirl - 30th May 2012, 10:59 AM

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