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Cookie Monster
The Information Commissioner?s Office (ICO) has issued an update to its guidance on how to comply with the European Cookie Directive on user privacy, which became law in the UK on Saturday. The update will increase confusion, by apparently supporting users? ?implied consent? to having their behaviour tracked by cookies.

The change to the guidance (updated PDF version here) gives more backing to implied consent, a method that lets website owners and designers off the hook, as they would not be required to get direct consent from users over installing cookies on machines.

However, the wording of the guidance is still vague enough to leave many website owners and developers confused about how to comply with the law. Originally, the law required sites to get permissions from every user, allowing them to track user behaviour using ?cookie? code on the user?s computer ? the additional space given to ?implied consent? suggests it may not be so clear cut any more.

?For implied consent to work there has to be some action taken by the consenting individual from which their consent can be inferred,? the updated cookies guidance read. ?This might, for example, be visiting a website, moving from one page to another or clicking on a particular button. The key point, however, is that when taking this action, the individual has to have a reasonable understanding that by doing so they are agreeing to cookies being set.?

That is, in a nutshell why you will be seeing the Cookie opt in/out appearing all over the place.

the Forum keeps cookies to work out who the bloody hell you are, so that when you post, it is not just assigned to a random name. and there are ad cookies from Google Ads ( Mainly Dating sites at the moment Ah! it makes sense now! dating sites!) ah me

You are safe now!

well... as you can be.,
Add a point about agreeing to allow cookies when you register as a user on the site, if you haven't already!

oh... and making Passwords UNIQUE to this site ONLY... hands up the one passwords for evrything !

The more passwords you have to remember, the greater is the risk that you will forget some of them every once in a while. Except if you use the same password for many sites, which puts you at risk. So how can you avoid forgetting passwords?

One good way of making sure that you do not forget passwords is to write them down. You can use complex passwords that are different from each other, and you don't face the risk of forgetting them. Of course, you don't want to write them down in their entirety, or you risk somebody stealing or viewing your list of passwords.

To avoid the problem of somebody getting hold of your list of passwords, don't write the passwords in their entirety. You memorize one part, and write down another part. To help make it easier to remember password, use the memorized part of your passwords for many accounts. The part you write down would all be different. This method will help you make up specific passwords for different websites without the trouble of having to memorize every one of them.

Of course, it's not enough for either part of your passwords-the one you write down or the one you memorize-to be just a few characters long. That would make it too easy to guess or to test all possibilities. Make each part long enough, at least 6 characters each.

And don't forget to keep a copy of the list you make somewhere safe-just in case!
isnt it best that lots of other people know your password so that you can legaly claim that it might not be you.

and why do you need cookies, do you realy need them to log in
Reason: your past is my past
Quote:and why do you need cookies, do you realy need them to log in

Take a look at the fourth illustration down on this one.
You can see where the dough has been formed into a LOG which is sliced to make COOKIES.

Make sure you get an adult to help you though . . .
OOOOh Cookies me want more:p

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