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Carpal Tunnel
I miss my old S110, the only car I ever owned that was simple enough even I could fix it :face-crying:
Clockwork was it?
CARTOON REALITY Wrote:I once worked with a gentleman who suffered from hideintheportaloo disorder. On the plus side - you always knew where to find him, on the negative - it proved fatal to his career.

My Mother always said that if a man broke his leg at the age of fifty it would extend his life by five years (forcing him to slow down at this critical stage in life.) But in the words of Lou Reed: 'You can't always trust your mother,' and I'm not willing to find out if she if she was right.

I may know who you mean!!!?? Unless that disorder is common amongst similarly grumpy, muttering, beardy archaeologists :face-stir:
i also knew someone with that. then the portaloo fell over with him in it. cured and blue... has anyone else come across teflonitis. its easy to recognize. the patient usually has an over abundance of ego, brass neck and the ability to cover all around him with the proverbial whilst remaining as clean as.... well teflon..?
anybody get Ganglion cysts?
Reason: your past is my past
Oooh, a new one to aim for :face-approve:

There seems to be a national accident helpline ad at the top of this thread - ambulance chasers!
I was told by my Dr that i don't have it but he hasn't felt how bad it can get. I have to rest my hand every few minutes when i'm filling context sheets in or planning.
Yup... me too... he says it is just a wrist strain... Ah ah ha ha ! I was using a screwdriver today... 4 turns and that was me..
Ganglion Cysts, yup had one of them. So how do I stop my now creaking back (this is audible) from getting any worse? I have followed the manual handling guide lines all my working life but the back pain is still staring to kick in. I suspect it might come from sitting too long in front of a computer rather than lifting things. Any recommendations apart from the hot spa bath and vigerous massage?
sprinting seems to help me
Reason: your past is my past

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