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University of Sheffield - MSc Osteoarchaeology
gonetopot Wrote:'Young' specialists in these areas tend to be in their 30s, myself included

and I suspect you ain't planning on retiring and freeing up that work for some youngster for, oooh, 35 years or so? Much the same in all the other 'specialisms', particularly all the ones 'invented' since the 1970s - the ones who invented most of them, and their 1st or second generation students, have pretty much cornered the rather limited markets, so it's probably a little premature training up hundreds of replacements at the taxpayers expense?

And when were students so naive as to think that their piddling little fee contributions paid for their courses, get real, us earning taxpayers still foot most of the bill, the government is merely clawing back as much as it thinks it can get away with without dissuading so many people it'll put the unemployment figures through the roof!

Oh, yes thanks, I got a grant, but then of course there was once (not too long ago) only around 1/10th the number of university places (it was actually hard to get in!), geared slightly more to producing around the required number of graduates (we didn't have call centres and a lot less coffee outlets back then to swallow them up) rather than just to keeping as many people off the unemployment totals as possible. Oh and of course you didn't need a degree to shovel XXXX like IFA seem to think you do now (although I'm unclear how filling a wheelbarrow has got more technical) :face-stir:
Yeah I agree, universities would do well to run such courses in conjunction with professional specialists. Maybe giving the students a 'year out in industry' to gain other industries do.
Jack Wrote:He needs to train a young apprentice, or a lot of his knowledge will be lost

May be too late, others (some not so young!) are definitely straying into the patch
gonetopot Wrote:it would be nice to see some specific academic training in the fields that might feed into the wider sector.
There's only one specialist pottery Masters in the UK as far as I know ....
...and that's under threat as so few people apply for it. (It can be biased towards either pottery or lithics, depending on the student's own research interests).

Bones are oversubscribed! Check out the pottery! :face-approve:

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