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From Stonehenge to Orkney

Anyone else want to annoy Adam by choosing his music for the journey from Stonehenge to Orkney? Seriously - he will make a real difference with his photographs. Go on... just $20 go on go on go on

$20 Thank you & music suggestion

Every little helps so I want to thank you by adding you to a list of contributors on the Aerial-Cam website dedicated to the Archaeology of Orkney. In addition if you have a suggestion for the music I should listen to during the long drive, then let me know and I will post that with your name (optional).

More from Adam...

I am in need of funding for my field trip to record the excavations and Archaeology at the Ness of Brodgar during the field work season July/August 2012.
The 2012 excavations run from July 16 until August 24 and continues work on a large complex of Neolithic buildings containing artwork, pottery, bones and stone tools.
For more information visit the project website:
I need as much help as I can gather to get my vehicle and equipment to Orkney from my base in Worcestershire, a journey of 650 miles up through England and Scotland and by ferry to the island where the project is. $6000 will ensure that I can pay for fuel for the Aerial-Cam Land Rover, travel costs of ferries and accommodation for as long as I can afford during the excavation season. In addition I will be working on other research projects in England and Wales following the trip to Orkney. Reaching or exceeding the traget amount will help towards work on these projects looking at the where the stones came from for Stonehenge.
Why me and Aerial-Cam? Well I have built my expertise on archaeological projects all around the UK and as far apart as Stonehenge to Easter Island. Working with the best academic and commercial archaeologists providing solutions for recording and presenting the evidence they discover, sometimes making discoveries myself. From standard photography to specialist equipment for low level aerial photography, coupled with the latest techniques for producing 3D models of heritage assets. Having worked with the Orkney archaeologists on other projects there has been an intention for me to apply my experience on the island itself, but as always funding is the problem with research excavations such as the Ness of Brodgar. So rather than lose another season I intend to raise the funds to make it happen. With your help I can and I will provide benefits for your generosity which I will detail in the next few days.....
I estimate that approximately ten tanks of fuel will be required for the 1500 miles I expect to travel during this expedition, at a cost of ?90 per tank (yes it is expensive in the UK) this alone equates to $1500. Fuel prices will certainly have increased by July too. Accommodation could cost between $1200 and $3000 depending on the amount of time I will be able to afford to stay, however I will be taking a tent to try and keep this cost down so that funds can be best used on equipment and software as well as helping towards the other associated projects costs.
More detail will follow soon, thanks for taking the time to consider my campaign. Adam
Why not go and earn the money like everyone else has to ! This guy earns a day rate at least equal to a Digger's weekly wages !......not the place to ask impoverished archaeologists to fund a summer jaunt !!

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