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Day of Archaeology 2012
Following on from the success of 2011, we are happy to announce that this year?s Day of Archaeology is scheduled for June 29, 2012!

Last year?s event brought out 400+ archaeologists, and almost 450 separate posts including lots of photos, video, audio and more.

You can read more about the Day of Archaeology at About the Project, but the general hope is that by raising awareness about the truly diverse nature of archaeology, we will also in turn emphasize the vital role that archaeology plays in preserving our past for everyone?s future.

So please join us in publicizing this year?s event at all of your institutions, social media outlets, conferences, local societies, watering holes and the like!

Here was my day last year. what a lot of fun!

but shows the variety of skills we need.
Sounds good.
I hope it doesn't rain . . .People will be posting entries about sliding about in the muck, drinking cold tea in damp huts, then leaving site early to get wassocked.
I would dearly like to read about the ancient art of wassocking Smile
That's not the sort of learnin' ye find in books sir.

It might prove to be the subject of my posting on the day.
Does it involve dressing up?
Oh dear, I sense your pulse quickening in anticipation. But just for the record wassocking does not involve dressing up, I always advise as few garments as possible. Although the stock of the shotgun can chafe ones knees if you choose to divest yourself of trousers.
Where do you keep your trowel?
The Bishop looks after those (along with the ferrets) until the wassockers have chased the camel out of the maze.
Is there cider at the end of it all, or do you have to fight the camel for it?
Don't be ridiculous, camels don't drink cider.

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