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Archaeology services cut at Gloucestershire County Council
Yes revamped web pages after they have got rid of doing field archaeology but they still get to keep the word archaeology on their web pages. They should just advertise planning advice and the truth is that advice is purely for the case officers and planning commitiees. The other things that they say they do, like have your artifact identified should either be sourced from a museum or from field archaeologists. Has Glouscesterhire not got any museums, thats where something like the HER should already exist. I would prefer to get my archaeological data from the museum, sod some council worker working in the highways department, could be anybody. Turns out the NMP is done at Swindon, not doing much for the local economy there is it. Seems to me that we make it a bit too easy for anybody, presumably in this case a county council to call it archaeology when they dont do any and have just sacked all those that do and they used to bring in profits. Where the profits in what they are calling archaeology. They have got rid of the only bit that might make any earnings and kept the bits that nobody wants and it will cost the council a fortune. I bet they hid the figures. Looks like they like to call their chief planning advisor an archaeologist. Its basic fraud. I bet those archaeologist are relieved that they are out of there. They probably need tratment for stockholm syndrome.

What about the "request an archaeological outreach visit or event". Arnt there lots of registered charity trust type units, CBA that do that sort of thing. Why is the council trying to compete with them when its governent monies which is probably subsidiesing those community workers in the first place. I feel sorry for the archaeologists that got sacked by the council especially if people dont want to hire them because they think that the council so called archaeology isnt.
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