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Breaking New Ground: how archaeology works (BOOK)
+Thanks NotAnArchaeologist.

and I have already flooded yer man's coffers with my purchase Wink

Talking of which... time to read Simple Steps to Better Archaeological Management by a certain Martin Locock... :face-approve:

pps Dino... you wil
Quote:Stop!! You're ruining the plot for the rest of us!

I don't think I will be giving too much away when we realise the hero is a chisel jawed who has a penchant for facts and figures who works out the mystery of percentile employment within the past 40 years in UK archaeology to hilarious effect.
The final chapter is a real cliff hanger Wink
..and it was all a dream?
BAJR Wrote:pps Dino... you will always be pooed on Smile even if right

At least in a million years someone will be able to sell the fossils :face-approve:
Quote:[SIZE=3]In 1986-87 68%of the people working in ?rescue archaeology? were funded by MSC, in 1987 MSC provided about 1/3 of the money going into archaeological work [/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]By 1990-91 48%of archaeological funding was from developers, compared to only 17% 4 years earlier

In 1986 Berkshire County Council transferred all responsibility for funding archaeological work to developers through their structural plan policy EN6 ?this lead to ?the first example of competitive tendering for an archaeological project? occurring in Reading Business Park, with the work being carried out by the Oxford Archaeological Unit in 1987.

I don?t thinkthat this represents my view of what happen when. history is about who wrote it. Heres another similar example I think that it says more about the background of the authors. For me the truth is that when you mention some unit like oxford I see county council providing pensions to a charity set up that dont collect value added tax. Just how competitive tendering was it. Maybe call it a tendering process was undertaken. Competition dubious. What I struggle to see is the ARCHAEOLOGIST. That person with primacy over the record who had to worry about the code of contract. Oxford have two managers currently on plus ?60,000. Interesting to note that the Reading business park is still being passed amongst pension fund managers, pity that oxford county council didn?t take some payment in shares, but then oxford unit are still there.

What I would like to know is who was the first archaeologist to pay VAT and when? (and why)
Reason: your past is my past
The first one to file a VAT return after they brought it in ?
How are impoverished archaeologists supposed to read this ???....... cant afford and would not want one of them new fangled kindle things any way ..... :p

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