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Breaking New Ground: how archaeology works (BOOK)
Breaking New Ground: how archaeology works
By Kenneth Aitchison

Who works as a professional archaeologist, what do they do and who do they work for?
This is the first comprehensive review of applied archaeology as a profession in the UK in the twenty-first century, using case studies of organisations and particular archaeological projects to present a contemporary history of professional archaeology that looks at who employs archaeologists, who their clients are and why those clients want archaeological work done.

It examines where the demand for professional archaeological work comes from and how this demand is met, firstly looking at how this has changed from the earliest days of archaeological work, through the era of rescue archaeology and then by examining how and why archaeology became the commercial, applied part of the sustainable development process that it is today.

Archaeology had a long period of growth from 1990 to 2007, benefiting enormously and growing rapidly on the back of the UK?s construction boom. The book reviews how archaeology worked in that period ? and the changes that followed the publication of PPG 16 ? and then looks in detail at how the sector has been affected by economic changes since 2008 and which areas have gone into decline.

Glad you got that Kindle for Xmas? Smile
I'm sure it's a great read - but the title seems to be missing inverted commas around the word 'works.'
I certainly am now Dino you auld luddite. - bet you are still using slateboard V2.0

and Mr Reality makes a valid but humorous point once again. You should really think of going into visceral comedy Big Grin (oh... hang on.... ADVERTISING BREAK : )
Is there anyway I can read this if I don't have a Kindle? Can someone turn it into a PDF....?
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
When did the first private sector dig happen in England?:o) I only put that monkey in because my daughter told me to.

Dinosaur do you know?
I want to read it! But I don`t want one of them there silly can`t turn the pages over and need to plug it in jobbies. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Trash some trees and make a turny-overy pagey thingy!:face-crying:
It depends on your definitions. Throughout the 1980s major developments (infrastructure, quarrying) triggered excavations funded, or part-funded, by the developers.
I suppose a development driven excavation with (at least) part funding by private developers. When did developers begin paying for archaeology? To widen it out which country did it first happen in? I'm just interested - what was the tipping point for developers to accept they had to splash out . . . I don't even know when that happened in Ireland, although I could think of a few people to ask.

It's probably in that book . . .
For the UK I think the trajectory is something like:
1960s major government projects (eg motorways) trigger state archaeological response with additional funding from the Dept Transport etc

mid 1970s govt funding goes to external units to undertake rescue work, some major private developments pay towards archaeology

early 1980s shift towards developers funding major arch costs (post-consent)

1989 PPG16 (England) introduces polluter pays principle to planning, pre-determination evaluation

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