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A handbook for new diggers?
That's a very enlightened approach! At least as a PO you'd have some idea what your Science budget ceiling might be, saves all that writing a 'want' list, going Eek!, halving it, taking a few more off, working out which ones would be the first sacrifices when the boss laughs at it, waving it at the boss, sacrificing the sacrificial ones, giving it to the boss again, waiting a month and then trimming a few more off when the client tells him to XXXX-off and come back with a cheaper proposal.....but am getting pretty good at getting the ones I really want, takes practice :face-approve:
beamo Wrote:In Somerset all archaeolgical projects, including evaluations, require a compulsory 'Archaeological Science Contingency' (ASC) equating to 15% of the total tender cost for the earchaeolgical work with a minimum level equivalent to the cost of obtaining one C14 date. This ASC has to be clearly identified as a seaprate cost and can only be used for full analysis of environmental material, not for assessment.


Should be compulsory across all counties in my opinion.........

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