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Interesting dating technique
Unitof1 Wrote:I look forward to reading it. I am hoping that it will use find a use for all the physical stratigraphy recorded around the dated object. Be great if it started to make archaeologist try and interpret time frames for the context accumulation. Harris always said that the future was in the context boundaries. Any ideas on how to record ambient temperature?

You could try using a thermometer....
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found this
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Check out clam-shell dating!

Butler, P G (2011) 'Recent advances in Sclerochronology'. Quaternary Newletter 123, 12-19

Shame I've never actually dug up a clam, but one to look forward to....
Unitof1 Wrote:found this

Urk...shiver....takes me back to my engineering/physics days
Sarah-Jane Clelland Wrote:@ P Prentice You raise an interesting point about grog. As it is after all fired ceramic, so what which would we be measuring the RHX reaction of, the grog or the main ceramic body? I am currently performing a series of experiments to see what is the best sample size to use. The samples in the PRSA paper were 4g, I am looking to see if we could use much smaller amounts of material (milli grams) in which case we could sample around the grog inclusions.

i would like to see the grog dated as well - might answer a few long standing questions relating to curating antique ceramics and the murky world of structured deposits - good luck
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more kit off archaeology
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