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New BAJR Rates now up
Cut me own throat? Lets hope not.

the 2% rise is now up... and this places a diggers rate at over the 16,000 basic pay.

I have also required advertisers to indicate details highlighted in the Diggers Forum document on away work, travel and subsistence. - I will monitor, but please keep an eye out for me, as I can miss things... I have also now added more stringent recommendations for Self Employed "Adverts" or should rather be tenders...!

Again... I need help to ensure no false Self Employment slips by.

To see the new advert form... go here:
Suggestions still welcome

New rates:

G1 ?15,054.00 (?289.00 pw)
G2 ?16,018.73 (?308.05 pw)
G3 ?17,097.51 (?328.81 pw)
G 3/4 ?17,874.30 (?343.74 pw)
G4 ?18,657.84 (?350.08 pw)
G 4/5 ?20,063.26 (?385.83 pw)
G 5 ?21,332.86
G 5/6 ?24,159.43
G 6 ?26,795.17
G 7 ?34,523.90
Nice one, plus IfA minima also up ( Any chance of a formal BAJR response to the Diggers' Forum report and both sets of recommendations? We're delighted that you are following our recommendations, but any more feedback would be extremely useful as we take the recommendations forward and try and get them more widely implemented.

For anyone who hasn't seen it the report can be downloaded via this page:
Hi Bajr,

Am I right in thinking something's gone awry with the G3/4 and G4 figures? Surely G4 should be higher (currently ?18,292) than G3/4 (currently ?18,657.84). The weekly rates look to be correct.
Phew... glad you spotted that!!!

fortunately it was only a confused post here!
What happens if my basic pay is under bajr and IfA minimum?
If the company is an RO then you contact the IfA explaining your position and responsibilities. If they are not an RO and you got the position via a BAJR advert then you contact me ( ) .

Ask yourself if you should continue with this company.
LBK Wrote:What happens if my basic pay is under bajr and IfA minimum?

As David says. Do something about it. If you would like to talk about this in absolute confidence, you can email any member of the Diggers' Forum committee via their personal email (see newsletter, which are availlable online via our webpage).

If the company is not an RO, and has no IfA members at the top, it will be hard to take it forward through the IfA complaints procedure. If the company is an RO it should be fairly straightforward, and should be able to be done anonymously. Drop us a line if you want further advice.
... and join a union
Hope that you are able to do one of these.

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