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Cross-sector approach to capitalise on archaeology in Scotland
I think that BAJR has inadvertently invented a new method of cutting through archaeological bullshit.

Step 1: Write your review/report/draft document. Step 2: Send a draft to BAJR. Step 3: Allow Unit of 1 free rein to read and comment on document. Step 4: If Uo1's comments make more sense than the original document.........

...back to the drawing board!!

Well done Uo1....I was thinking that it was just me who thought this report, although probably well intended, appeared to be written by a committee of Sir Humphreys.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
This mean we'll be able to spot Scottish sites on the Time Team without turning the sound up, cos Fil 'Ardin will be kitted out in tartan overalls and walking a bit strangely? Can't wait :face-approve:
The recomendations were so good they decided to write them out twice

who ever gets this job will know what they are talking about


8.7 Finally, the Review revisits its Recommendations. Now thats what I call REvisionist.
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