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Digital Disengagement
You used to be able to surf the net for free at libraries.
kevin wooldridge Wrote:One of the problems that I face (as a university based archaeogeek) is overcoming 'misinformation' that has been/is being spread by perhaps a few of the diehard luddites to whom this thread was originally adressed. My current fave is 'You can't use GIS on a stone-age site'...this would be vaguely amusing if it wasn't coming from much the same direction as people who previously had been telling me 'You can't dig a stone-age site stratigraphically'. It could be that the 'digital age' is just the latest 'update' in a long running academic saga....

I agree and find such non-evidence based misinformation offensive when I come across it.

There are, were and always will be, in academia (and elsewhere) those who are more interested in following current fashions (and demagogues) than thinking for themselves.

What next? The earth is only 3000 years old and radiocarbon dating cannot be trusted? }Smile
U running for congressman or summat with statements like that ? }Smile
Ah, your not extinct then?

Not running for anything other than the exit.

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