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The Newcomen Beam Engine at Elsecar has been given the grant by the Heritage Lottery
A ?400,000 grant has been made to restore a listed engine in South Yorkshire.

The Newcomen Beam Engine at Elsecar has been given the grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

In 2010 English Heritage put the engine as one of 10 key industrial sites on the national at-risk register.
Barnsley Council, which is leading the project, said the funding was a fantastic opportunity to attract visitors to the site.
The Elsecar Heritage Centre, near Barnsley, said the two-year project would see the beam engine, shaft and engine house restored to full working order.

The engine, which was built by John Bargh of Chesterfield in 1795 at a cost of ?167, was used to pump water out of the colliery in Elsecar to allow the exploitation of deeper coal seams until 1923.

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Any connection to the world price of coal going up? }Smile
Very happy about this! I live locally and have been there ever since I was a child. It has gone from strength to strength since first opening up and has lovely little shops and traditional craftworkers there as well. Its free (or was the last time i went there) to go around although I think they charge to go on the steam trains. It has so much more scope to develop, including extending the steam train line to more than a mile! Always nice to its popularity during the summer months and I hope it keeps expanding and developing

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