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Caption Contest III
Unitof1 Wrote:[SIZE=3].......What did it mean ..every bone had BAJR written on it.

Wot, all through the middle? Creepy....:0
"Mummy mummy can we play with Grandma"

"no you've dug her up 3 times this week !"
Methodology. Significant human remains are to be block-lifted and remote excavation is to be outsourced via competitive tendering.
YAC of the Damned
Han Solo's encasement in carbonite deemed a failure
Fred should have read the job decription properly The advert said Interred not Intern
You know these all cheer me up and make the day fly past, with wry smiles at all of those !

But it is impossible to choose a winner Smile so therefore we have to move to Caption contest IV for a tie break
Government cuts force the Police to use YAC as their Forensics Team.
Unfortunately budgetry constraints restricted biohazard protection to the site directors' prized lawn

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