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Caption Competition #1
Winner chosen by my Hens (who like a good chuckle!)

Come up with a caption that makes my sides split or at least one of my hens explode with mirth!


For more of these classic 70s American images from John Atherton

including ones for the men:
and the ladies!


My entry for the caption competition... [ATTACH=CONFIG]1050[/ATTACH]
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Good one Smile
top one

i think she's wearin harmony hairspray
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Top one : When you said "Can you dig it, Babe?" I thought you meant we were going to Woodstock!
Top image

Left Dog
So what do you think their doing

Right Dog
I don't know but its the biggest litter tray I've ever seen

Middle image
I really wish they would finished this tiger trap.
At the very least put in the electric wire.

Bottom image
Why did I get involved in archaeology?
Well principally it was so I could spend time outside, doing work.
However over time, it became all about the bulk and carefully exposed surfaces.

But nowadays I know thats just crazy because, as I started writing books it really started to come down to numbers and metaphysically editing linguistical dialects on the basis of cognitive resoning patterns.

Pretty inductive stuff, but you know what it can get like, with desk work.
I ended up moving from cabin fever to professional standards.


So what made you want to come down here, was it the section, or the local scrub?
Watch out with the appature, but i dont want to preach to the converted, as thats a really big camera.
Plate 1.

Her: John, you're trowelling in the wrong direction again, its a small trench, do keep up.

Plate 2.

Archaeological truism: Wonky ranging rod placement can never disguise a wonky section.

Plate 3.

Archaeologist in calm voice: How do I feel about today's excavation? Firstly, I just F**KING trowelled there, so I WAS happy...
First one :
Him - Ms. Pennington I think you should know I've decided on a venue for the end of site party.
Her - Really Professor Grimes, where are we having it?
Him - In a double bed somewhere off the M1.

Second one:
I don't actually have a caption for this one but it reminds me, in a very spooky way, of that video Unit of 1 posted up on the 'Useful Website' thread. She's the Hindu and the stick is the stick man in the hole. I can't see the snake or the crucifix anywhere. Very unsettling, some sort of perverse reenactment group for badly animated Youtube videos.

Third one:
Interviewer - And after four years in the same cutting, and finding shag all, how much do you hate archaeology.
Beard man - Not as much as I hate caption competitions.
Interviewer - I've booked a double bed somewhere off the M1, what do you think?
Beard man - Sounds like fun. But I think it might need to be a triple if the cameraman is joining in.
Interviewer - No. He will be filming. He can stand on a chair.
Top pic:
As an economy/productivity measure, Site Supervisors are replaced with sheepdogs. Paying in Winalot is cheaper and diggers now don't leave the trench for lunch & toilet breaks in case they're bitten.

Middle pic:
"Hmm. I wonder how long I can stand on the edge of this section before it collapses?"

Bottom pic:
"What do you mean, Alice Roberts won't be doing the interview? Why do you think I'm wearing a clean T-shirt?!"
Hate to say it, but I have been wiping tears from my eyes and two hens exploded with mirth.

Perhaps he is just a twisted reality!

My crap offer was

Top... are you sure you got the trench measurements right? its supposed to be 100 x 100 metres not inches!

or... Sing along.... "this trench aint big enough for the both of us"

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