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Sussex Short Courses


Archaeology provides interdisciplinary frameworks and methodologies for understanding and interpreting the past. Archaeology enables you to investigate the human past ? from our ancestral origins in Africa to modern times.
Why archaeology at Sussex?

  • Sussex is a county rich in archaeological remains, some of which you will be able to visit and study. The University is surrounded by the newly designated South Downs National Park. This change will mean increasing public access to an area of outstanding natural and cultural heritage.
  • At Sussex we place great importance on the development of practical and vocational skills and many of our tutors are involved in fieldwork, including commercial projects.
  • Flexibility and choice: our archaeology courses are designed to let you develop your own interests in different aspects of archaeology. Our faculty archaeologist works with over 20 part-time associate tutors, whose interests cover most periods and aspects of British archaeology.
  • The headquarters, library and two museums of the Sussex Archaeological Society are located in nearby Lewes. The library in particular is an outstanding resource for archaeological students at Sussex.

Archaeology (2011/12)

Starting Autumn term 2011/12
Starting Spring term 2011/12
Starting Summer term 2011/12

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