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Magic Pottery Powder
Anyone remember that hilarious prog in the 80s following some Marines on a survival course who were frying up worms but hadn't been told to scrape the soil out first? - full marks to the sound man for catching all the gruesome crunchiness of the resulting meal }Smile

Survival course I went on we got taught to slice then lengthways, then one swift wipe with the knife removed all the gritty bits and they're great curried Cool

But yes, Emily, I usually try and rescue them too (might be hungry one day?) - they're the little blighters who buried all that stuff we get paid to dig up again :face-approve:
Yep I'm old enough to remember worm omlettes

I prefer pigeon.
When times are tough I'm afraid it's a case of them or us . . . Anyway, I'm sure worms will be on the planet long after humanity has had it's final song and dance.
Is there any omega 3 in worms?
Probably yes once you are inside them, so make sure you keep taking those capsules. Probably safest to source them from the local cemetery to be on the safe side for added vitamins etc? Big Grin
Yes, but what happens if your cremated? There's one argument for not taking supplements.
You'll still make good fertiliser, don't do yourself down! Wink
Do you really think so? Gee thanks - my self respect has just climbed a notch.

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