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Historic Environment Records (HERs) in Scotland
?Historic Scotland commissioned Dr Stephen Carter to set out a strategy for the development of Historic Environment Records (HERs) in Scotland over 10 years, following consultation and debate around the Historic Environment (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2011. A Reference Group comprising key partners in central and local government helped to guide his work.

The Carter Report provides valuable information about the current situation, and about real, potential and perceived needs. It offers ways of unlocking the huge potential which exists in information currently held in a range of systems across the country, and ways of supporting the expert community in adding value to the information held in record systems, so that it can be deployed in support of sustainable economic growth, education and enjoyment. However, rather than formally accepting or rejecting the report in detail, it is sufficient to say that the broad conclusions and direction appear logical, in terms both of available resources and the likely development of technology, but that there are considerable challenges in navigating the route ahead.

Historic Scotland has therefore recently appointed James Steele, a GIS expert already working with Historic Scotland to move forward on the Stage 1 recommendations of the report, including further discussion with interested parties and the preparation of a more detailed ?road map? of future directions, actions and needs. Historic Scotland is committed to working with all interested parties to move forward this valuable work, of which the Carter report is simply one building block, albeit a very significant one.?

Download the Carter report at: LINK

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