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IfA 2012 Conference - Is it a worthwhile time/financial investment?
Yep, its always important to see the evidence for yourself.
Potcho Wrote:Wow: i'm astounded by just how rapidly this thread has grown and just how strong opinions can be regarding the subject.

And you've been Unit-ed as well! Good first thread, one day I'll figure out how its done (and maybe how to change my avatar as well Sad)
Unit-ed? I assume that has something to do with the mysterious Unit of One. I'm not entirely certain how to take his/her most recent post but i'll assume it was a compliment for being persistent as opposed to a critism for poking my nose in places where perhaps I shouldn't. Don't worry; I do wash my face at least twice a day. Thanks again everyone.
Potcho Wrote:...It does seems as though I have been a touch naive/ignorant as to who the IfA truly are, who they truly represent and what they actually do (if anything).

There is a significant minority of frequently-posting BAJRites who are totally entrenched in their negative views of the IfA. They do not speak for all by any means, either on this forum or in the industry as a whole (I reckon IfA have ~2500 paying members, compared to ~5-6000 professionals: not bad considering a lot of the non-payers will be sympathisers). That's a topic for another thread though.

I won't be going to the conference this year, I don't think. I can't really spare the time. If I needed to talk to lots of archaeologists (e.g. as prospective employers, collaborators, or people with skills I need to learn*) I probably would though. There will also be lots of interesting discussions about the direction the industry is headed, which might or might not be very similar to discussions last year or the year before that, but if you weren't there those years then that might be sufficient reason for going. Thirdly, the EGM presents an opportunity for anyone with a bee in their bonnet to release it in a target-rich environment, and that must definitely be sufficient reason for some people to go.

*ETA: in case it reads that way, I'm not implying I have nothing to learn from anyone at the conference...just more pressing things to do.
To add another 'digger's' view- whether people like it (the IFA) or not the IFA does do a lot of work behind the scenes with Govt and other movers and shakers in the world of archaeology generally so the conference is a good way of actually meeting these peope in the flesh and hearing what they have to say. The Diggers' Forum are doing a session with the Finds Group which will provide both CPD and a chance to chat/drink with colleagues. I think the EGM will be worth attending.

Choose which day looks most interesting/relevant/fun and go along.
Some of it more "behind the scenes" than others! :face-stir:
Quote:significant minority
Quote:of frequently-posting BAJRites who are totally entrenched in their negative
views of the IfA
Quote:not bad considering a lot of the non-payers will be sympathisers

your wisdom knows no bounds
Reason: your past is my past
Unitof1 Wrote:your wisdom knows no bounds

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