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The Invisible Diggers: A study of British Commercial Archaeology" only 6.95
Dear Colleagues,

You may be interested to learn that my book "The Invisible Diggers: A study of British Commercial Archaeology" (2009) is now available from Oxbow Books at the far more affordable price of ?6.95. Trying to avoid phrases such as ?reduced to clear?, I hope that this presents an opportunity to stock it in university libraries where it provides an obvious contribution to modules on the development, and current structure of, commercial archaeological practice. I also hope that diggers may actually finally be able to afford it too!

Please feel free to circulate this email to others who may be interested.

Cheers, Paul


Some reviewers' comments:

"Eminently readable... this book has many themes and is a rich mine for further work."
Christopher Catling, Current Archaeology (November 2009)

"Everill is getting his hands dirty - and his back bruised... he has highlighted issues we should be ashamed to have ignored."
Mike Pitts, British Archaeology 110 (December 2009)

"An important contribution to a real issue."
Ian Burrow, Antiquity vol. 83 (December 2009)

"Everill has the detachment necessary to analyse and present the commerical field archaeologist to a wider audience while drawing upon his own experiences.. As good as it gets."
British Archaeological Jobs & Resources Forum (BAJR) (2009)
And as a shameless bit of promotion for the Diggers' Forum, the results of the Away Survey have now been sent out to all members of DF, and i would suggest that any IfA members out there who aren't members, do please join, and those diggers (or indeed non-diggers) who are up for campaigning for better conditions, join the DF...
Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution
Will Bring US Victory
Thats right, the long awaited DF report on away work and travel is out. You can read the whole thing if you are a DF member, or a summary if you go to the Diggers' Forum Facebook page here:

If you do have a read, and you like what you see, please 'Like' the page. By doing so you'll not only get news on what the DF is up to, but also show your support for the DF -and that really does matter. You could of course also join the DF.....

In fact the whole away survey report can be downloaded here:

(scroll down a bit)

happy reading...

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