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YAC walks the York Walls! - to support - read on
If you happen to be in York this Wednesday you can pledge support for the young archaeologists. You can also donate some money through the YAC website:
for the whole story.
Come on you orrible l,ot. I work as a YAC leader as well/..... I work hard all week and then work with the kids once a month. All it takes is a fiver? a tenner?

Lets help YAC to keep going, it is not much is it?

They need 3000 and have so far raised ?1335 so check out your loose change, forego a pint, ditch a bag of chips. and make a difference.

And yes.... I am backing them too.

[Image: imaging.ashx?width=50&imageType=frpphoto...dbd84e.jpg]
Abi McLean
11 donations = ?71.00 ------ update ?74

[Image: imaging.ashx?width=50&imageType=frpphoto...14efad.jpg]
Katy Whitaker
15 donations = ?232.00 ------ update ?250

[Image: imaging.ashx?width=50&imageType=frpphoto...81ead5.jpg]
Mike Heyworth
15 donations = ?265.00 ------ update ?313

[Image: imaging.ashx?width=50&imageType=frpphoto...7b850d.jpg]
Peter Olver
4 donations = ?28.00 ------ update ?31

[Image: imaging.ashx?width=50&imageType=frpphoto...b834cb.jpg]
Rachel Mort
6 donations = ?75.00 ------ update ?78

[Image: imaging.ashx?width=50&imageType=frpphoto...feb66b.jpg]
Suzie Thomas
19 donations = ?235.00 ------ update ?250

[Image: imaging.ashx?width=50&imageType=frpphoto...c33c9b.jpg]
Vicky Coates
3 donations = ?49.00 ------ update ?52

[Image: imaging.ashx?width=50&imageType=frpphoto...480432.jpg]
Wendi Terry
24 donations = ?380.00 ------ update ?428

Cant work out if archaeology is a charity or commercial.

Good luck- afraid that I only give to commercial and also haven?t got a crb check so not sure that I could even if I wanted too. I cant help thinking that anything with youth init has something to do with hitler.

Notice that its all about

Quote:[SIZE=3]saving the fantastic, volunteer-run, UK-wide network
of YAC Branches YAC Branches

but that also

Charities we support


I thought that they didn?t exist any more. Who do all these people work for. I thought that the british academy had kicked them out of the bean feast?
Reason: your past is my past
And more reason to donate. I work with a YAC club as a leader. give of my time and am CRB checked. I give where I feel it matters. and this is one of them.
Don't stop now! make a small effort for a big difference
Alternatively you can donate by text by texting YACR12 followed by the amount you want to give (?1, ?2, ?3, ?4, ?5, or ?10) to 70070.
units got a multi-thread facist thing going today - eh Slothrop?
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Don't stop now! make a small effort for a big difference

they are up to ?1647 now.

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