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Missed Funding Opportunity
Did anyone know about this?

Maggie just came across it, and sadly the application for funding - and good funding it was too - finished in July 2011


Quote:he Archaeology in Contemporary Europe network funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Culture Programme (2007-2013), is able to offer a limited number of work-based placements in four partner institution: -Inrap (France) - preventive archaeology and cultural heritage management
-Unit? d'arch?ologie de Saint-Denis (France) - urban archaeology and mediation
-RGK (Manching, Germany) - the famous field Summer school
-ADS (York, UK) - archaeological digital data archiving and documentation.
Placement holders should be advanced students, young or confirmed professionals (depending of which grant applied) in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage management.

If anyone ever sees funding opportunities... do please let us know... or perhaps it was just me that did not know! and you all laugh at me and my laggard ways!

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