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Can the pig have a sheeps face wearing a See You Jimmy as a salute to the Welsh and Scottish?
Well, if it's all done in the tasteful spirit of inclusive diversity I don't see why not . . .
I don't know what the problem is with Indiana Jones. Think about it: he's white, American, carries a gun - what could be more inclusive?
If only he'd been played by Charton Heston or Mel Gibson that would be well inclusive!

And how could the mascot idea ever be anything less than tasteful - may get onto photoshop tommorow!
Quote:Think about it: he's white, American, carries a gun

Oh dear lord... I may just have split my tweeds!

Masterful sir... just masterful!

Here is my attempt : Indy as played by Charleton Heston
Oooh I feel queezy

Seeing as Charlton Heston seems to be the general direction we're now thinking in - could the mascot be Dr. Cornelius the archaeologist/historian chimp from 'Planet of the Apes?'
as long as he is wearing his nra t-shirt
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
I think we're getting close here
Could it have the black stone from the start of 2001 behind him with him shaking a trowel at it?
Cartoon... you may have the perfect symbol for us all.

and is it me, but does it not have a passign resemblance to a famous TV archaeologist... no names Smile but does speak with a regional accent and wears denim shorts to tight for any man that age Wink

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