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Sorry, I spilled a beer on my instrument panel causing the auto pilot to malfunction. Though the big mass of ice at the south pole looked uninhabited so a good place to ditch.
Hmm. I suppose the Klingon cloaking device I used to keep the Yeti farm from prying eyes, might have shot us in the foot there.
Oh ye of little faith - it's all very well to joke about these things but, when all the fun and games are over, this will probably turn out to be far more serious than any of us can comprehend! I'm off to the cash and carry to buy a plethora of canned goods and then I'm going to hide in my basement with them. That's where I keep my Fortean Times collection incidentally.
I vote we mount a BAJR expedition to excavate Jack's Space ship and Kel's Yeti Farm. Should make for some very interesting stratigraphy. layers of crispy fried yeti with inclusions of unknown metallic origin. And the occasional melted beer can or bottle:face-huh:
No use suggesting these things. They're all talk around here - I voted we invade Australia and nothing happened.

Ooh look! I just noticed on one of my tins : 'YETI SPAGHETTI - Sasquatch shaped pasta in a tomato sauce' Coincidence? I think not!
Look, I have bills to pay like anyone else OK? There's no harm in a bit of recycling. Besides, it's costing me a fortune at the groomers, getting the remains of Jack's ion drive shaved out of my Bigfoot's fur*

Bang goes my hybridisation project.

Nice bag of Kraken Krisps or Chupacabra Chips anyone?


* That's not a euphemism BTW.
With the radio active fall out from the break down of the containment fields in Jack' s ship has there been an acceleration in the mutations Kel is developing in the breeding programme? Tomatoe flavouring at the genetic level? Seem to remember the original "Thing from Outter Space" was carrot (giant) shaped. Eight foot furry bipedal vegetables sheer genius Kel, slaves who are edible!!!!(and provide warm furs for a wide range of accessories).
I once cross-bred a mermaid and a gorgon and ended up with a mormon - you sould have seen peoples' faces when that called to their door (ba dum tish.)

I have a tin of furry vegetables here too.
CARTOON REALITY Wrote:No use suggesting these things. They're all talk around here - I voted we invade Australia and nothing happened.

Couldn't we combine the twwo expeditions? Australia would provide a handy site hut for warming up between bouts of scraping faintly-glowing crispy fluffy veg into finds/freezer bags, and plenty of surf/sheilas/sheep for any leisure time
Okay! Okay! I'll agree to the excavation at the South Pole but only if we invade Australia FIRST!

Now at the risk of being pedantic - who's driving us there?

(Sorry, the correct word is of course, 'pedantique.')

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