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Save archaeology short courses at sussex university.

The Senior Management at Sussex University are proposing to cut all short courses run by the Centre for Community Engagement. In effect this action would end the teaching of archaeology, the University having already removed CCE's ability to offer award-bearing programmes and courses.

Please see, sign and add comments to the UCU Petition aiming to try and save CCE; please also consider writing direct to the VC, Prof. Michael Farthing, your local MP and the local papers. Thank you.

are these courses so badly attended that they are not feasable?
I had this in by email.... and they asked if I could post it.

Quote:'Looking at the many responses to the ipetition, an incredible number after such a short period, I would encourage forum members to browse the comments for an outline to the root cause of this proposed closure. It appears to me that the inability to cross subsidise may have contributed significantly to the proposal to close this well loved, highly valued enterprise.'

hint: Page 21 posting 1001
Page 29 posting 1437


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