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Agency Workers receive pay and conditions boost - BBC news story
This new legislation would appear to have implications for some archaeological contract workers....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Employers will often finish you or give you a weeks notice (if you're lucky!) the week before the 12 week rule comes into effect.................... thereby getting away with it .....xx(
yup... sad but true... give a loophole.... take a loophole
The regulations state there can be breaks in employment of up to 6 weeks, but the worker still retains their rights. So if you do 11 weeks and then are 'laid off' or 'finished', the clock is still running if you return to that work within 6 weeks....and remmber this is agency work. I doubt if any serious agency would allow its clients to lay people off, just to avoid its employment obligations (especially of the same employer was asking the agency to supply replacements for the 'redundant' workers). More importantly this is pan-European legislation so the same rules apply across the EU and into Norway, Switzerland and Iceland.....

....I'd be interested as to whether the definition of agency applies to UK archaeology, when staff are 'loaned' on projects by one employer to another. The new regulation states:

4.—(1) In these Regulations “temporary work agency” means a person engaged in the economic activity, public or private, whether or not operating for profit, and whether or not carrying on such activity in conjunction with others, of—

(a)supplying individuals to work temporarily for and under the supervision and direction of hirers; or
(b)paying for, or receiving or forwarding payment for, the services of individuals who are supplied to work temporarily for and under the supervision and direction of hirers.

..which would seem to me to cover loans of staff if money changes hands i.e one employer pays a fee to another to supply staff.
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
That looks tight enough for me.

Thanks for that Kevin. This is one for me to try and promote in 2012
Goes to show you have to stay completely bug free in the rain, snow and hail, or there just is no discretion for freshers flu and freshers week hootanay

I once worked in a situation where I had a 3month working hour overhang. whose to say never again?

You take the money and your chances, with changing circumstances.

Umm Badger did you write that whilst sober? Maybe a translation is in order Smile?
Bodger not Badger

Its a reference from staying away from illnesses given the contions and the environement in which particularly field staff work.

If still in touch with student friends or lifestyle, issues also arise in terms of freshers flu bugs entering the working and living surfaces if people still like preying on freshers (with superior attitudes)

As for working hour contracts, well I feel that is self explanitory to volunnteering slavery junkets
where is this Earth you say you are from?
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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