Poll: BAJR archaeologist of the year
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The Unknown Digger (DF)
86 17.06%
Wessex field archaeologists
111 22.02%
Kerry Murrell (CAU)
267 52.98%
Dinosaur (oop north)
40 7.94%
Total 504 vote(s) 100%
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BAJR Archaeologist of the Year 2011
Plus of course they'll have to cut your splendid tool-roll into lots of bits :face-crying:

VOTE KERRY! - at least she'll be able to use the thing :face-approve:-and good archaeology :face-approve::face-approve:

What troops? You know we send them off to a better place once we've finished with them (currently some job in East Yorkshire, by all accounts) }Smile
As long as it's only PO and below I'd vote Wessex. It's a quality crew to work with.:face-approve:
Thanks David, guess did walk into it!
Just to explain what I meant by the Unknown Digger, here's what I said on the nomination thread:

'...I nominate the ?Unknown Digger? as a representative of all of those archaeologists who take pride in their job and do their job well despite everything. Who tries to deal with the present bleak situation in a positive way, and make a difference through their actions. Someone who thinks about what they are doing on site, how they are going about their work; someone who contributes to the team, and helps those who need training or help. Someone who acts as an archaeologist should, although it?s not always easy.

That of course suggests that the Unknown Digger has a job in archaeology, but of course regrettably he or she may not, and may never have one again.'

So it would hopefully cover Wessex diggers and Monty as well! I don't really like these sort of polls, as I don't see them as helping -why the supervisor but not the staff? I know its as a representative of the team, but its a bit Victorian? Not talking about Must Farm at all here, but I'd rather reward someone who has spent all year doing crappy evals and is still doing a quality job, than someone who has a cracking site to dig. But that's just me. Just jealous!
What happens afterwards? Is there a head to head between the BAJR archaeologist of the year and the Current Archaeology archaeologist of the year. A kind of title reunification bout.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
ken_whittaker Wrote:Congratulations on not making the same mistake as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and CA in putting forward a male only shortlist. But can I offer a late entrant - Dr Alice Roberts. Presenting yet another successful popular but informed series The Origin of Us and shattering the strereotypical image of archaeologists with a bout of skinny dipping in Wild Swimming. Surely such a call beyond duty merits appreciation........:face-angel:

Or to put it another way, BAJR's nominees are ALL women except possibly Dinosaur, who I think is male (confirm or deny Dino, if you wish to be judged by gender).

As for Charlotte Roberts skinny dipping, why stop there? How about those young ladies from Extreme Archaeology? Hmm?
Ah.... Uncle BAJR is a clever BAJR. Perhaps.

There is more to this than a simple Competition. Yes it is a bit of fun, BUT (well you will just have to wait)

There is a real toolroll. custom built. go faster stripe. But lets remember what it is about. It is about those of us who still plunge hands into soil. Who do negative Evals or scrape 19th century cobbles clean, or stand in snow as a cable trench is excavated across an area of no known achaeology. or excavate a castle, a hillfort a hut circle a roman farm... the ones who make the archaeology happen.

Ahem... Dino is all man (from where I am standing)
Tom, you are gonna get your knackers crushed !!

Chiz... I would expect no less. But I love a winner Smile

Kevin... oh go on !! You have just given me an idea... I have images of Toneeeeee - (for we will all vote for him!) surrounded by sons(and daughters) of the soil armed with mattock handles
Thanks for the gender confirmation! Had been worried....

Since BAJR is an international forum, is this contest actually for international digger of the year?
BAJR Wrote:Ahem... Dino is all man (from where I am standing)
Tom, you are gonna get your knackers crushed

Eh? What you on about? I've never said a bad word to or about dinosaur, from my recollection. I did suggest he might be a woman, is that fighting talk?

Happy solstice by the way. Does the sun get over the yard arm quicker?
I agree we should have an international digger of the year, but maybe its a bit late for this particular round of voting.....maybe that could be another innovation for next year David....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
I may take it more seriously next year and have a proper International Digger (singular) of the Year. with a reason why and all that.

That sounds quite good. And I will be taking a more active role in Day of Archaeology this year. so lets see.

SOunds like a plan

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