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Hardy Breed
[quote=chiz]How long are you normally on a site? 1 day, 2 days? If you 'always' just work out of a van and its a day here, half day there then I would say that you should have proper kit in your van for washing hands etc and providing proper welfare. I'm trying to get a 'welfare' box together at the moment for when I am on one day sites, hand towels, water butt, soap etc, you could easily do the same.


It varies hugely. Certainly sometimes we will be on a site for one or two days, but surveys are much larger these days and more usually it is for a week or two: not infrequently it is much longer than that. Of course such a large 'site' won't be in one field, it could be spread over a number - sometimes adjacent making one huge site, sometimes in seperated blocks. Linear jobs will be strips in (mostly) adjoining fields extending over tens of kilometres. So yes, we work out of the vehicle, moving it along as we progress, and facilities comprise a bottle of antiseptic handwash stuff, ordinary bottles of water and convenient hedges (for both males and female).
Portaloos left along rural pipelines tend to disappear by the lorry-load, especially on bank holiday weekends - what do they do with them all?

...although we've noticed full ones are less attractive presumably because they're too heavy to shift easily and quickly, so save having them pumped out till the beginning of the following week if you can

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