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Kevin's Christmas Challenge: Pick your Wage!!
OK its Christmas Eve and the Ghost of Christmas to Come falls through the door steaming and says 'damn I forgot your present, Kev. OK here's the deal. You can have one wish. Starting with a clean slate you can set the minimum wage levels for all UK based archaeologists effective from Jan 1st '.

So the levels I chose were:

1: fresh from college:?
2: 5 years experience: ?
3: 10 years experience: ?
4: 20 years experience: ?

Rules of the Challenge

This is just for fun. You can write in 1 million pound if you like, but it would be interesting to see what most BAJRites would consider a fair and dignified wage in this day and age

You could also suggest a comparable wage e.g same as a nursery school teacher, same as a CofE vicar if you want.

Very simple. Don't worry about the grade or level of responsibility just assume that goes with the level of experience

This has nothing to do with whether your employer can afford it. Its a fantasy challenge..

I have written down what I think the average 'reply' will be. I will reveal my predictions on Jan 1st...


As of 1.11.11
The national average wage in the UK for men: ?30,800

For women: ?24,000

Minimum wage pa: ?11,800 (based on 37.5 hr week at ?6.07 ph)
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
A) ? 20,000
b) ? 27,000
C) ? 34,000
D) ? 42,000

Not for any particular reasons but more what I would like to be paid at and what I think my services are or would be worth at each stage. Nice one Kevin:face-approve:
1: fresh from college:? ?18,500
2: 5 years experience: ? ?22,000
3: 10 years experience: ? ?27,000
4: 20 years experience: ? ?32,000
A quick comment to David and Wax. You have both pitched the 'fresh from college' rate below what will be the 'Student loan payback threshold' from next year...Is this just coincidental or deliberate?.

I had to give this particular fantasy salary a lot of thought in my 'prediction' .... and I suspect when I reveal it in January it might cause some people to criticise my choice. We will see....I'm waiting for someone to get close to my figure and possibly share my thoughts and reasoning...
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Fresh from college rate, pure coincidence that it is below Student loan payback and based on what is a living wage for a very inexperienced person and in line with other industries I am aware of. Though I suspect that infact my knowledge is way out of date and other professions graduate entry levels may be near the ? 25000 Mark. I think David is aiming low with the 20 years experience figure. Most of my contemporaries in other professions are on well over ?35,000. if I had stayed in my old profession at the grade I was at with no promotion I would now be on around ?32,000 (with a mental breakdown).
You didn't specify what people would be doing after 20 years? - if still digging then the basic rate's going to be flat for a-d, so my fantasy would be to actually get paid more for time served

- in my case a lot more :face-approve:
Well I did suggest that you can base your figure on what you think 20 years experience is worth irrespective of grade or function....go on give it a go!!
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
@Kevin Actually based on BAJR concept.. interesting that it was close to real rates and Wax rates LSmile

@ Dino Like him I am a the served and I am a believer is the skill of field archaeology

I will confess I actually based my ears on field archaeolo
1: 17,000
2: 22,000
3: 29,000
4: 40,000
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
?20,000 start salary.

After that it comes down to KPI and standards of living.

Within the next 5yrs or the business is dead on its feet, in my humble opinion.


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