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Scotland?s Lost Moustaches
Evidence of a ?golden age? of moustache wearing has been discovered in the RCAHMS photographic archives.
From the tonsorial elegance of Victorian shooting parties, to the hand-brushed, stiff upper-lips of Edwardian country gentlemen, the images reveal the popular moustachery of a bygone era.
Now RCAHMS have joined up with Movember, the charity initiative which aims to raise money and awareness for men?s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

Movember encourages men to seek out sponsorship to grow moustaches for the 30 days of November. The theme for Movember this year is the ?country gentleman?, and it is hoped that RCAHMS historical photography will provide a rich source of inspiration from the heyday of fashionable facial hair, showing the modern man how to grow, groom and wear a moustache with style.
Individual photographs of nineteenth and early twentieth century moustache fashion discovered in the RCAHMS archives range from Scottish soldiers in 1907, and a Victorian shooting party of gentlemen hunters, ghillies and beaters pictured on the banks of Loch Lomond in 1894, to a group outing of immaculately-dressed staff from the Glassford Street, Glasgow branch of the Bank of Scotland in 1890.

To highlight the glory days of Scotland's moustaches, RCAHMS have created a special online image gallery.

Inspired by the archive photography, a team of staff at RCAHMS are growing their own moustaches as they take part in Movember 2011. Alasdair Burns, RCAHMS Publications and Graphics Officer, said ?One hundred years ago, men really knew how to cultivate and look after their facial hair. Moustaches were symbols of pride, authority and status. No self respecting Victorian or Edwardian stiff upper lip was complete without one. Our archive photographs are a window on a world of lost moustaches, and we?ve identified a few key styles we?d like to emulate. Movember is a fun way to raise awareness of serious issues about men?s health and the RCAHMS ?Mo Bros? are delighted to be involved.?
Last year 111,825 people took part across the UK raising ?11.7 million. These efforts have funded programmes run directly by Movember and their men?s health partners The Prostate Cancer Charity and the Institute of Cancer Research.


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