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copyright question
if you stick your head over the parapet....xx(
Getting credit for your work in archaeology is often a struggle - often units do not even bother to include the names of the excavators in their publications/reports, they just write the name of the person who wrote up the report (and sometimes the unit manager if they edit). And then theres the on-site recording, the person writing up mayl lift your interpretation wholesale off a context sheet but the theories in any further publications is attributed to them, or you may be a talented site draftsman and your drawing are little more than traced back in the office but the name of the illustrator goes on the report. So photographs are only the tip of the iceberg!

And are you sure you were really self employed and it was not just a unit pulling a fast one - were you offered a day rate which reflected your loss of holiday/sick pay/pension, may be worth checking out BAJR guide to self-employed as sounds a bit off to me. Read up everything you can find on the subject and dont get stung next time x
"often units do not even bother to include the names of the excavators in their publications/reports, they just write the name of the person who wrote up the report (and sometimes the unit manager if they edit)" - EXACTLY!

This is a big problem for trying to 'acredit' someones fieldwork abilities (beyond slinging mud around with enthusiasm), especially for supervisors/site managers whoes critical descions and ongoing interpreations generally inform the whole chain of comand, with big impacts on Descion Making - but who are NEVER given any recogniftion in a report.

Why the hell should the office manager/post-ex manager take all the credit, when they are simply summarising the work of others!!!?

Lots to discus on THAT Topic (report style>technical data>inclusion of primary sources etc. etc.)
Hello again

And a thousand thanks to the supportive replies. On reflection my day rate was acceptable for the amount of experience I have. And the situation of 'accepting what you can get' did kick in at the time, though hopefully as I gain confidence I can haggle for a better 'contract'.

With regards the photos, I have to say the money side isn't my issue, I don't know why I mentioned it, its the recognition for work done and then being able to add it to my portfolio/CV. Some of the pics were pretty good if I say so myself. And as there was no contract, the rights of usage etc was never raised. It was because they were used in a talk that I was dumbfounded to see all my photos projected in front of an audience without a mention of my ever existing,

So definitely one to put down to experience and to ask the right questions next time. I don't want to rock the boat with potential employers, self employed or not, but will ask in future for my name in print :face-approve:?

Thanks again for all the replies, and to everyone reading this....please acknowledge the workers
I always list EVERYONE who worked on the project: diggers, surveyors, illustrators, supervisors, finds folk ...................... the whole lot Cool
Monty, Do you also list the people who contributed in other, non direct ways? The Finds Washers, Tool Sharpeners and Logistics that facilitated the excavation behind the scenes. The mud washers in enviro who recovered the seeds that formed Chapter 4 and the part time admin assistant who printed the context sheets and ordered the bags used on site. What about the Poo Sucker Man? How many sites run well when they can't make it out. What about a shout out for the truely unsung.

Actually, jokes aside, I do wonder why someone who spent one week on site gets a mention in reports (some peoples reports at least) but not the poor soul in Enviro for 9 months over the winter recovering the data. Never seen one mentioned so far.

And to the OP, morally yes you should but in reality it will probably be far more trouble than it is worth. Next time get it in writing, never work without a contract.
Nice one Monty :face-approve::face-approve: some units are great for this even including team photos but there are some baduns out there

And newtothis you say the pay was fair given your experience but there are other considerations too - like were you insured to work on the site? Did you ask? Cos you could have been in some serious poo if you yourself was hurt or if you hurt someone else. Please dont take this as being negative (I'm self employed meself) it just concerns me that units are moving towards this route without fully considering the needs of their workers and short cuts are taken to cut costs.

But I do agree with you it is important to gain as much experience as possible - and congrats for finding work - its crazy competative out there- BUT and is a BIG BUT please please read the BAJR selfemployed guide to make sure that next time you ask the right questions as this small thing could save you some real problems in the future
Bunnyhugger - spot on enviro you unsung heros i salute you :face-kiss:
Yeah enviro and pot washers one and all !! Smile
I hadn't realised what a can of worms I would open with this.:0 But I think everyone in the process should be acknowledged.

my question however was about photographs. These are mainly landscape and some are quite 'arty' with lovely skies etc which I did as extra to the others and doesn't have excavation or finds etc to report on. What if I decided to publish them or do a I have to seek permission to use my own photos? When I look through my archaeology books the photos and illustrations are credited to the artist yet I appear to have disappeared already so the likely hood of my being credited this time is slim.

Just for the record, when I start to write reports I will endeavour to acknowledge as many individuals in the process as possible...after all I know now how it feels to be forgotten and I'm sure many of you feel or have felt the same.:face-approve:

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