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Bulgarian Academy suffers further huge cuts.
Bulgarian archaeologists have joined other researchers from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences protesting Tuesday the latest budget cuts for their institution, which they say will doom it to death.

The cabinet of Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov has announced 9% cuts for the Academy in the state budget for 2012, after the funding of Bulgaria's oldest research institution was reduced by 40% in 2011.

you know what to do folks....more cuts coming our way too
I'm having trouble understanding what this means for Bulgarian archaeology. Is this analogous to the cuts for English Heritage? Is there developer-funded archaeology in Bulgaria?
The financial situation in Bulgarian archaeology is pretty parlous at the best of times....there are very few permanent positions and little developer funding as we understand it although in the past there has been EU funding and of course some of the foreign institutes working in Bulgaria bring in funding. I was working there in the summer and quite senior Bulgarian archaeologists were earning a pittance compared to their contemporaries in other EU countries....the protestors are right to mention the problem of looting. Bulgaria has some fantastically rich sites which are under constant threat from looters. Some international institutions and auction houses seem content to turn a blind eye to this problem...
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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