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when was the last time you read an archaeological report from cover to cover?
vulpes Wrote:Oh, in that case I'll at least have a look at the pictures. :face-approve:

It has a quite comprehensive appendix with line drawings, explanations and interpretations of rock carvings from the study area....
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kevin wooldridge Wrote:

An argument for having either a Kindle or other pdf reader. I'd be happy to read through it at home.
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P Prentice Wrote:almost agree with you for once wax - my point is that they need to go to a wider audience so that the wider audience can understand what they are, and they are, paying for. the traditional report is not fit for purpose unless it is published

What, and deny the local HER the 80 quid or whatever they currently charge to pop in to spend 5 minutes looking at a 4 page site report? -scandalous, surely they're under enough financial pressure as it is! :0
I have been reading quite a lot of recent grey literature (2009-2011) over the last few days as I will be re-entering the world of commercial archaeology next week after a hiatus of 30 months, and I need a refresher!

I was actually quite heartened to see lots of improvements in content - particularly in the relevance of content (particularly in DBA/ ES reports etc), realistic, pragmatic and educated conclusions & recommendations, and the standard of spelling & grammar seems to be improving too (a particular bugbear - I am not alone there methinks). Most of the reports are relating to Scotland at the moment seeing as that's where the majority of my work will be....wonder if the same is apparent in Wales & England?
kevin wooldridge Wrote:

yep - this looks like a fine piece of work writen by somebody who can write with a positvely brilliant preface. it is a dissertation not a commercial archaeological report. i wont bother reading it all because i dont need to know all that it contains but i would pay for and read a glossy 'coffee table' summary
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